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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How I Optimize my Sketching skill

How I Optimize my Sketching skill

In starting phase of my learning i used to draw an object with  full
concentration and lots of interest , but it doesn't looks similar to the
original one.
Actually i’m fond of sketching and to get some Art and Craft Ideas,
this is my best hobby i always wanted that whatever I sketch it should
looks like realistic not just a piece of drawing. So I started thinking
about collect some ideas, how can I optimize my sketches?

After lots of thinking and surfing to the web, I realize that, to enhance
my sketching skill I need to go through the step by step method, and I
have to focus on every small part of the sketching object. Then i started
working on that…..

Techniques i have used to enhance my sketching skills:

Before you’ve actually started to recreate a sketch as they really are, you
have to learn how to do realistic faces, but there is no need to worry-
Soon, you will be able to easily sketch the wanted images.  For example
suppose i’m going to draw a portrait then i should have a good catch of
each individual part of a face i.e. eye, nose, lip, ear, face structure, hair etc.
     realistic eye sketching              men eye sketching

I had draw some varieties of eye to get a good command on this.  Then
i moved to the second step for practicing of the lip…

realistic lip sketching                lip sketch
Now i stepped forward for the  nose and eye…If you've spent a long time
looking at a drawing, it can be difficult to see where the errors are, so look
overall and try to correct the errors.

realistic nose sketch                          ear sketches

Some part of sketching needs to shade properly to make it look realistic.
You might use blending stick for smooth shading or piece of tissue paper
if blending stick are not available.
                                              realistic hair sketch

When i was practicing for hair sketching, i realize that it’s really important
to draw a single-2 strokes very carefully and clearly, it might takes some
more time but at the end it looks fabulous. If you want to draw curly hair,
draw two straight vertical lines these will be your guidelines for the width
and length of the curl. Now roughly draw a wavy line down between the
two lines ."Double this wavy line a little below the first.  and then fill the
details in between and then remove the guideline.

real face sketching

This is my final sketching of a face which looks approximately similar to
the original one. So finally i got some good catch on sketching, now i have
a strong confidence that i can draw a portrait of a real face. Its true that still
i take lots of time to draw a realistic image hope it get faster, but i’m satisfied
that i got that that ability to make it looks realistic.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Scrap booking


Scrapbook is a set of blank pages  to preserve some awesome moments
with the help of attractive artwork.

How to build a attractive scrapbook:

First, select your images based on one theme or event like your birthday,
vacation tour, any festival, college events etc. Think of individual page
as having a story to tell.

You might select to have one very special photo on a page, or you might
want to fit 3 or 4 photos per page. But one thing keep in mind that the
decision of the selection of number of photos must suit the page graphics
because clarity is better than crowded.

Individual page decoration 

scrapbook page theme

You may try these ideas to make a individual page very attractive one.
Use white border or white space to create a focal point. It is the simplest
ways to draw the eye to specific area of the page without use of visible
elements. Especially when your page is quite full and crowded, white
space can isolate, and thus emphasize, an element.

Adding simple & attractive photo frames

simple and attractive frame

Frames are a great way to display a picture, whether it is for gift or just
for fun. Regular frames can be expensive, and wooden and metal frames
can get heavy weight, can't be used for scrapbook, Paper frames, however,
are a great alternative. They are cheap and easy to create, making them
perfect for scrapbook.

Tags for special quote

paper tags for quotation

Text tags are a great way to make your text look so interesting , it also
enhance the beauty of the scrapbook. You may create the tag according
to the text size and attach with the bunch of photographs.

These are the few ideas by using which u may able to design your
scrapbook and save the beautiful memories.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Diwali special Fun and Creative Activities

Diwali special Fun and Creative Activities:

The most celebrated festival is just around the corner, and while you’re busy in
purchasing of new clothes and gadgets to set out the festival to be perfectly
execute, how about adding some mind blowing creativity to make this festival
fantastic. This year, you can take the weight off your shoulder and put yourself
in-charge of Diwali artist because, I have Diwali special ideas that are super fun
and most innovative. So guys get ready for have a blast at this delightful Diwali.
One of the most awesome art for this festival is rangoli which is originating from
Indian subcontinent, in which design and patterns are created on the floor or the
ground using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored rangoli sand or
flower petals.The purpose of rangoli is decoration, and it is thought to bring good
luck. If you are expecting to make your own Rangoli to bring luck and prosperity
to your home as well as serving as a warm welcome to the gods then refers to my
attractive and creative rangoli in a very simpler way.

beautiful rangoli
attractive rangoli
ganesha rangoli
attractive rangoli
attractive rangoli design
simple rangoli design

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Power point presentation on art and craft

Power presentation on art and craft

Art and craft describes a wide  variety of activities involving    making things
with one's own hands.

do something creative

This video contain a basic information about sketching, paintings, Scrap-booking,

crafting and many creative activities.

Main  motive  of this   video is to  make you available all possible ideas by using

that you   will be able to discover and enhance your inner talent.

Sketching is the honesty of art by which a person can express his power of imagination.
Painting is a beautiful  medium through which people can paint their colourful emotions
on a piece of paper.
Scrapbooking is the best way to capture and save beautiful memories with attractive
DIY- Do it yourself projects.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Photo frame using Ice cream stick:


 craft using ice cream stick

    Needed materials:
  • Popsicle/Ice cream stick
  • Glue
  • Photo
1. Glue Popsicle sticks together to make a rectangle as shown below and wait 
    until the glue dries.
    Take 16  sticks, use 13  to make a rectangle frame  and then place the remaining 
    6 sticks to make the supporting base of the  frame.
    First  make  the  base holder and rectangular frame  separately  then attach them

2. Paint and decorate your frame.
    Paint  the finished photo frame using colors or  paint, then decorate it by adding
    handmade flowers.

3. Insert your photo into  the  frame. 
    Finally insert your photo into the photo frame.
craft using Popsicle stick
    Now the photo frame using ice cream stick is ready and we can use it for own
or gift someone else.

  Here some more crafts using Popsicle stick are available that can be made so

  easily by just seeing the images:

ice cream stick boxPopsicle pen stand    

Popsicle stick name board painting on Popsicle board
ice-cream stick craftcraft using stick and stone
photo frame craftphoto frame craft using stick

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Creativity Matters

Creativity Matters:

The life becomes easier and beautiful when we doing some interesting and admiring work, 
so let’s fall in love with art and craft and capture those happiness moments in our life.
Main motive of this article is to make you available all possible ideas by using that you will be able 
to discover and enhance your inner talent, Here all decorative objects are made completely by hand or 
by using only simple gadgets.  
 handcraft ideas
“Handcrafted things never goes out of style”

Art and Craft as a theme on the curriculum, is basically taken  as an entitlement for children and 
young people in formal education. Within the matter of formal education it  support personal, social,
moral, spiritual, cultural and creative development, which enables person to capture and explore visual,
tangible and other impulsive experiences and learn how to recognize and spread ideas and its significa-
-nce. These experiences provides them an opportunities  to work with traditional and new media, so
that they develop confidence, competence, imagination and creativity.

According to Science great art appreciation promotes quality of life and makes you feel good.when 
you stare at great artworks, the part of your brain that is stimulated is the same as when you fall in love.

                                   material needed for craft

Thus It could be concluded that importance of art and craft in our life is quite recognize to a greater 
level Art is everywhere, whether we realize it or not but it influencing  us on a daily basis.

We  are fully surrounded by art, whether its a painting, music or even videos can have a huge impact
on our mood and emotions. Our concentration towards art is increasing day by day and people have
 started appreciating art in a serious manner.

Now a days Art and Craft education are promoted at school for children's, which  provides a platform 
for the young ones to demonstrate  and explore their imagination. Everywhere you go art is apparent. 
Research and statistics confirms that this education help resolve a lot of problems and enhance critical
thinking skills. Not every child are academically good, hence motivating them to discover artist in
themselves might help them to grow in their life and shine in many other fields and may prove out to 
be excellent career opportunity for them.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”